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Agnes, 32 years old, Hounslow

I received high personal injury compensation for an accident at work in a warehouse. I had a dedicated Polish consultant throughout my entire claim.

We helped Agnes from Hounslow obtain £2,200 for an accident at work, which resulted in a hand injury.

The accident happened on the second day in my new job where I worked in a warehouse in Hayes. One of my duties was to place the returned goods on pallets, which stood on the floor.

Suddenly, ironing boards fell on me from one of the upper shelves of the rack. The boards dropped from a height of approximately 5 meters and there were several other objects hanging above me. I did not have any training at work; I worked there only two days so I did not even know any personal information of a manager. I did not receive any help at the place of the accident; I went to the toilet to put my injured hand under cold water. The hand was terribly swollen and I could not even remove the ring from my finger. Then someone from the staff brought me ice, so that I could put it onto the swollen hand. A few minutes later, another employee came, Martin, and called the agency that commissioned this job to me to report the accident. Then, I went to the hospital. Martin went there with me and was with me the whole time. He also made sure that the accident report was drawn up and recorded in the accident book.

In the hospital, I was admitted to the Accident and Emergency department and the injury turned out to be quite serious. I could not go back to work in this condition. When I told my friend about it, she recommended Insito Claims to me. The next day I called Insito Claims and the consultant with whom I spoke very carefully explained the procedure of claiming for personal injury and helped me fill in the claim form. Insito Claims introduced me to one of their panel solicitors and my case commenced shortly after. I was also very quickly informed about the date of my medical examination.

Insito Claims quickly and efficiently organized physiotherapy for me, while the solicitors looked after the legal aspects of my case. About 4 weeks after the accident, I went to the medical examination and Insito Claims provided me with an interpreter (since I consider my English language fluency to be limited). Few days after the examination, I received a detailed medical report, which was used by the solicitors to assess the level of damages that I was entitled to.

I recommend Insito Claims to all victims of accidents at work – they act quickly and professionally.

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