Above expectations

Luke, 25 years old, London

I received support in the form of free physiotherapy, compensation for back injury, towing, a replacement car and repair of the car.

For Luke from London we obtained £4,546 for his back injury and other losses in a car accident

In 2014, I had a car accident – a driver went into a roundabout without giving way to my vehicle. The accident occurred very suddenly, and I could not in any way protect myself against the impact. As a result of the side impact, I hit my head pretty hard on the window and suffered an injury to the neck, left shoulder and a lower and middle section of the spine.

However, I was lucky to meet Maciek, from Insito Claims, who took care of the matter comprehensively by providing me with all necessary services. For me it was a huge relief because all aspects were taken care of by one company, which saved me a lot of time and allowed me to calmly recover after the accident. Thanks to Insito Claims I received support in the form of physiotherapy – free therapeutic massage, which allowed me to return to full fitness faster. I was also provided with a replacement car, while my car was towed away from the scene of the accident to a secure car park, which was also provided by Maciek from Insito Claims.

Interestingly, I received additional compensation for the fact that someone had to help me with shopping and cleaning the house. This part of the compensation is called Care&Assistance and in my case it was extra few hundred pounds. I was surprised because my mom, who helped me, did it for free and of good will. I did not expect that it may also be subject to compensation. Moreover, I received the equivalent of the damaged iPhone, which was smashed in the accident.

At first, I was afraid that I would not get back my lost earnings due to the absence from work. The employees of Insito Claims assured me, however, that they would regain my lost earnings, taking into account that I was able to document everything. And in fact, I received a full refund of the lost wages that resulted from my absence from work. I recall the cooperation with Insito Claims in a very pleasant way because it is a reliable company providing the quality of services at the highest level.

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