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Marzena, 44 years old, London

I am very pleased with the level of my compensation, and the fact that I was able to win my case despite the third party escaping from the scene of the accident.

We helped Marzena from London obtain £3,164 for a back and neck injury as a result of her car accident.

In the afternnon, I was driving to Lidl to do my shopping. Before I drove to the main road I passed a small roundabout. When I was already on the roundabout, a car entering from a side street did not give way to my car and crashed into me. The force of the impact was so great that my car stopped at the level of the next traffic lights.

I got out of the car to see the damage while the perpetrator of the accident only opened the door of his car, shouted something and drove off with a squeal of tires. I was in shock. A witness to the accident approached me and gave me the registration number of the perpetrator. But as it turned out later these numbers were wrong.

Next day, I called Insito Claims for advice as I did not know what to do in a situation, where the perpetrator fled the scene of the accident. I received helpful advice and Insito Claims immediately contacted me with their panel solicitors who initiated the claim process.

It always seemed to me that it would be a long and tiring process that takes a lot of time. However, I found out that it could be different! Consultants from Insito Claims acted quickly and efficiently, and provided comprehensive assistance throughout my claim. One of Insito’s consultant also assisted me and provided interpreting services during my medical examination.

An additional advantage of working with Insito Claims is that they offer their services in Polish. Everything went smoothly and I am very pleased with the amount of compensation that I have received. I recommend Insito Claims to all those who have suffered in road accidents. Full professionalism.

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