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Monika, 29 years old, Waltham Cross

I did not think that the process of obtaining compensation in England could be so simple. I received a surprisingly high compensation.

For Monica from Waltham Cross we obtained £3,900 for the oedema of the back as a result of a car accident.

I sincerely recommend Insito Claims. Not only did they successfully fight for the compensation related to an accident, but above all they thoroughly offered me care (not just legal care) and in a professional manner represented me in a legal dispute with the insurance company.

In September 2015, I was involved in a traffic accident – it was an ordinary bump, but a friend of mine told me about Insito Claims and I will always be grateful for that. The employees of the company first made sure that the car is road worthy (I was told that otherwise I would get a replacement car), then comprehensively dealt with the issue of the compensation. The offender pleaded not guilty and I expected problems due to this. Meanwhile, an employee of Insito Claims reported the accident on my behalf to my insurance company, and then took steps to obtain compensation for the repair of the car.

Insito Claims organized a medical examination with the use of an interpreter to assess the injuries. Moreover, I was offered fisiotherapy because my back was injured in the accident. I was also informed that in addition to the health compensation, I could also apply for a supplement related to the fact that shortly after the accident I needed the help of others, e.g. to go shopping.

The biggest surprise was the amount of compensation. I did not expect the amount of money I received as compensation to be this high, because after the accident I almost immediately returned to work. Meanwhile, I obtained over £5,500. My injuries were valued at £3,900. In addition, I received compensation for the repair of my car.

From now on, I recommend Insito Claims to everyone. The reason is not only high compensation obtained in a relatively short period of time (several months). I was most pleased with the comprehensive service and very good communication. The nuances of the compensation process were explained to me and I was told the each stage of the process can take time. In addition, I was regularly informed of the progress in the case and whenever I needed extra help or advice, I could count on the support of Insito Claims.

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