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Russel, 29 years old, Croydon

I have received a settlement that exceeded my expectations. I had an accident on my motorbike and I was initially hesitant whether to make a claim, but now I am glad that I did.

We helped Russel from Croydon obtain £3,400 for an injury following a motorbike accident.

I am a very satisfied customer of Insito Claims. I had an accident on my way to work and I was initially hesitant whether to make a claim, but now I am glad that I did.

I contacted Insito Claims, they immediately introduced me to their panel solicitors, and just two days later my scooter was inspected by an engineer. I received money in respect of repairs to my scooter after 4 weeks, despite of the fact that the liability for the accident was not yet admitted.

The solicitors organized a medical examination very quickly, after which my injuries were estimated at almost £4,000. I was skeptical at first whether I will be able to receive such a high compensation.  The negotiations dragged on, and initial offers were successively rejected. But thanks to the efforts and pressure from the solicitors, insurers of the other party agreed to most of the claims. I was paid a part of the compensation (approximately 90% of the amount for which I had applied).

I would also add that I really appreciate the involvement of employees of Insito Claims, especially, given that I don’t speak English very well and I needed help during the medical examination and in subsequent stages of the case. Most companies that specialize in accident compensation operate according to the principle: “No one will give you as much as we promise you,” so, I it was a breath of fresh air when at the beginning of the case, Insito Claims refrained from making any promises as to the level of potential compensation. They always did what they say they will do, all the while providing a high quality customer experience throughout my case. I recommend Insito Claims to all my friends.

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