Very satisfied

Robert, 42 years old, London

I received high compensation; Insito also organized recovery and secure car park for my damaged vehicle, a replacement car, and physiotherapy.

For Robert from London we obtained £7,516 for the damaged vehicle and injuries as a result of a car accident.

I contacted Insito Claims to obtain compensation for losses suffered in a car accident, which happened on A406 in London. The accident was not my fault. My car was proceeding correctly when it was hit from behind by another car.

The driver of that car did not want to give me his insurance details. I was very stressed, but with the help of a colleague I learned about Insito Claims. I called them from the scene of the accident and I was given necessary advice on what to do in the situation. I took pictures, called the police, talked to witnesses and took their contact details. My car was severly damaged and was not driveable. Insito Claims, immediately arranged recovery of my damaged vehicle, secure storage and a replacement car.

They acted very quickly and efficiently, and ensured that my claim progressed without any delays. I gathered all the necessary documents; we filled out the required forms and reported the accident to my insurance company. With the help of Insito Claims and the appointed solicitors I did not have to worry about anything.
Excellent communication with Insito Claims really stood out for me, and very reassuring as I was kept up to date regarding the progress of my claim at all times. I waited for the compensation for my damaged car for less than two months, and I received my personal injury compensation in under five months. I am very pleased with both of the amount of the compensation and with the very helpful and thoughtful customer service.

I recommend the services of Insito Claims to everybody who had an accident – efficient and professional services by a company which really cares about their customers.

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