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Stanislaw, 59 years old, Slough

I received a satisfactory compensation and used free physiotherapy, and I was paid a full day's work for my absence.

For Stanislaw from Slough we obtained £6,000 for a dislocated finger which resulted from an accident at work

I had an accident at work in March 2014. I was hit by another employee. I stumbled, fell down and sprained my finger in my right hand. Then, I started to feel pain in my back. The employer did not even want to hear about compensation, but when I went to Insito Claims, they assured me that the case has a good chance of success.

They have applied directly to the institution where my boss’s company was insured. A complete investigation was performed, which showed the guilt of my employer for the incident.
I received a satisfactory compensation (£3,000) and I used free physiotherapy (it was not necessary, but it definitely helped me), and for the absence at work I fully compensated for the lost earnings (£1800). In addition, I was paid the cost of medical treatment (£320) and I received additional compensation for the fact that to do some activities I had to ask other people for help (e.g. shopping, cleaning) – £900.

I appreciate how Insito Claims handled my case. I communicate in English, but official letters are sometimes difficult for me to understand. Meanwhile, thanks to Insito Claims, I received information by telephone and mail of each document that was sent to me with the information about what it concerns. I regularly received calls about the progress in the case, and once, when there was a delay, I was told what caused it and when I can expect further information.

I was most afraid of the consequences from my employer, but even though he probably was not happy with the turn of events, he did not show it. Paradoxically, I noticed that after the accident I was more valued, and my comments on the conditions at work also led to improvement. Now, the internal rules are complied with and our company introduced additional training for new employees. Therefore, I heartily recommend Insito Claims as a professional and efficient company.

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