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Ted, 57 years old, Bathgate

The amount of compensation positively surprised me. I was assigned a dedicated consultant who thoroughly took care of my case.

We helped Ted from Bathgate obtain £4,500 for a finger injury in an accident that took place in a meat processing plant.

The accident happened when I worked as an employee of a meat plant in Bathgate where using a machine I separated the fat from the meat. I was employed for about 6 years. When I was processing the meat, the machine I worked on caught a piece of my protective glove, which was too big for me, and pulled my hand thus cutting off a part of my index finger pad.

Unfortunately, it so happened that my finger was bleeding heavily and I could not stop the bleeding. A colleague of mine from my workplace, entitled to provide first aid, helped me to dress the wound. The finger was bleeding more and more and I started to feel dizzy. At one point, I felt very bad and fainted for a moment. We made the decision to call an ambulance. Upon arrival, the paramedics said that I had to go with them to the hospital. Due to my poor knowledge of English, I asked a colleague to assist me during a visit to the hospital, and we went to the hospital in Livingstone together. Doctors at the hospital took care of my wound and dressed it. After returning home, I had to take pain medications because the pain of the finger was very annoying.

On the occasion of a conversation with my friend I told her about this accident. It turned out that not long before she was the victim of a car accident and Insito Claims helped her with her claim for damages. My friend highly praised the level of services provided by Insito Claims and persuaded me to contact them.

Insito Claims provided me with comprehensive assistance throughout my claim and arranged legal representation via their panel solicitors. The correspondence with the solicitors was always simple and avoided complex legal terminology, while the consultants from Insito Claims were always there to help me if I needed anything. The case went on for 18 months, as my employers’ insurer did not want to admit liability, suggesting that it was me who was responsible for the accident. I has almost already gave up, thinking that I will not get compensation, but my solicitors threatened that they would file the case in the court. I was a bit afraid because anything is possible in court, but my solicitors and Insito Claims consultants reassured me that the case. even if filed may not necessarily go all the way to trial, and at the moment it is a form of pressure to force the other party to reconsider their standpoint. And indeed, the case was not filed in court, because the insurance company changed its standpoint. It initially proposed a liability split of 70/30 in my favour, and after further negotiations, agreed to take full liability for the accident.

I was very pleased with the fact that from beginning to end I was looked after by one person, which greatly improved my overall experience. Thanks to the help from [comapny], I received personal injury compensation that completely exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the services of Insito Claims – they act quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.

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