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Working in a hotel in the UK is often an good oportunity, particularly for foreign students, who gain experience in the industry, learn the language, and of course earn a decent amount of money. There are a lot of people employed as maids, receptionists, employees of catering services, etc. Unfortunately, it often occurs that a variety of incidents take place in hotels, such as slips, trips, burns, electrocutions and so on. If any of these situations happens due to the negligence of the employer, you have every right to sue for damages. We realize how difficult it is when you are not familiar with the legal process and have to go through this alone. Therefore, our company Insito Claims, will help all the accident victims, who want to get their rightful compensation.

Contrary to appearances, working in the hotel industry may also expose us to accidents. It is often a place where you would usually have to act in a hurry. People are stressed and may not pay attention to the basic principles of health and safety, equipment may be defective, damaged, and carelessness can lead to falling from heights when washing windows or hanging curtains. While working in the restaurant we can suffer burns, mutilation, slips on wet or oily surfaces. Each such case is a difficult event, especially for a foreigner who cannot operate alone in a tangled legal world. Many people, even though they know their rights, are unnecessarily afraid to ask for them. Submit an application to a reputable company that has been helping accident victims for a number of years. This significantly increases your chances of winning. A lot also depends on you, if you collect the necessary evidence that supports your case, such as: witness’s testimonies of the events, photos, bills for treatment and rehabilitation etc. This greatly increases your chances in court. Also the time when a person is not able to work plays an important role, as this reduces earning opportunities. All these factors are arguments to win the case and to obtain high compensations. Do not hesitate to call 0208 940 0069 or fill in the application form. Contact one of our employees who will establish contact with you, analyse the case and specify what options you have to be indemnified and how high it might be.

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