Compensation for a car accident involving a driver

Bumps and collisions occur frequently, regardless of whether you are a good driver or have just started using the car. It is near impossible to anticipate what other drivers will do and how it may affect you.

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In all European countries, drivers are required to pay insurance against the consequences of accidents. Everyone who travels by car through the UK should have such insurance. Many factors may lead to a dangerous situation. It may be that a cat or a dog run across the street and you will lose control of the steering wheel trying to avoid them. Or while trying to manoeuvre, you may end up in a collision or even a serious accident. You should know that even then you may be entitled to compensation and can apply for legal assistance in this regard. Our company, Insito Claims, will handle your case quickly and professionally.

When applying for compensation, you should know that you have 3 years from the date of the accident or a collision to bring the case to court. It is also your responsibility to provide as much evidence of your story as possible. Therefore, we recommend that you call the police to the scene of the accident. Their duty is to determine the facts, whom is responsible in that situation, collect personal data of a perpetrator and the information about the vehicle. Even if a driver who caused the accident has no insurance, you can still claim for compensation.

What would a compensation package contain in this instance? Of course, the loss of health, medical expenses and costs of rehabilitation, but also everything related to the vehicle, such as the cost of repair, towing and parking, spare parts, property damage. You can also be compensated for lacking the ability to work due to the accident, resulting in lost wages, and even commuting costs incurred by the victim in order to improve his health.

If after the accident, there was no need for a victim to go hospital, it is necessary to go to a GP to check for damage to the body and perform all the necessary examinations and collect medical records. It will not only be essential to improve one’s health but also it will significantly strengthen the chances in the fight for compensation. Remember that it is up to you what the result of the battle for compensation will be. If you decide to use the help of our professionals at Insito Claims, it will certainly be easier for you. You will not incur expenses as we operate on a No Win No Fee basis. If you lose the case, you do not lose any money. Call 0208 940 0069 or fill in our form and we will immediately contact you. A professional consultant will provide you with all explanations.

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