Compensation for being beaten in England

Odszkodowanie za pobicie w UK - Insito

Unfortunately, in every country, even in the UK, people may not be safe at all times. A person may be assaulted in a dark alley, a suspicious area, at parties in clubs, where people are often under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. You may also be attacked due to your origin, beliefs or just for your money.

Such traumatic events may have consequences that affect your health in a number of ways. This can lead to both physical and psychological traumas. Regardless of how badly you have been injured if assaulted, you will probably remember the event for the rest of your life. You will feel distrust, fear and insecurity. All these things can prevent a person from functioning normally on a daily basis and affect their personal and professional life. In the UK, not only injuries are taken into account in terms of compensation, but also psychological trauma. Therefore, you can receive up to £44,000. Taking this into account, you have the motivation to claim your right!

Let us be aware that any beating, robbery and rape are situations, which according to the UK law, are crimes and can be prosecuted and are punishable by law.

Health consequences of an assault may include a number of serious injuries, e.g.: haematomas, fractures of limbs, brain or skull injury, eyeball trauma, spine injury. Some drastic cases may lead to disability or death.

The most important step is deciding to make a claim for compensation. The deadline may not exceed two years after the event. You also do not need to worry about finding the perpetrator or proving his guilt. It does not affect your ability to claim for the assault. However, in order to claim for compensation, you are obliged to co-operate with the police investigation regarding this matter.

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