How do I get compensation for the death of a relative in the UK

Our company, Insito Claims, specializes in helping accident victims in obtaining compensation in very difficult situation. One of them is certainly the death of a loved one, especially when it happens abroad. Our experienced staff of specialists and lawyers deals with all the issues that can cause particular difficulty to the family of the deceased.

Odszkodowanie za śmierć bliskiej osoby w UK - Insito

Death happens every day. This can be the result of car accidents, but also workplace accidents or in a means of transportation. You must know that such situations sometimes bear high costs. However, you can be compensated from them.

Who from and what forms of assistance can you expect?

The first step is to prove that the death of a person brought tangible losses to a close person and it is on them that the responsibility falls for providing proof in order to claim compensation. The most entitled ones that can apply for such compensation are, of course, the widow or widower and children. With some reservations, the list includes also spouses, parents, siblings, cohabitants and even individuals cared for by the deceased mother and father.

As far as the scope of the claims in this case, the main one is bereavement claim, which means pain and suffering caused due to this loss. The amount you can get in this circumstance is £11,800 and it is established by law in the UK. It is entitled only to the spouse of the deceased or their parents, provided that the deceased was a minor and was not married. Others claim takes into account the financial dependence of the deceased and are called dependency claims. The latter includes a broader group of people that are entitled to claim for compensation. After all, in a lot of the cases, the father or the mother was going to the U.K. to work. The death of that person would therefore constitute the loss of livelihood for the family.

Whether by accident or negligence, when someone dies in the U.K., the family must transport the body back to their country. This can be quite expensive, adding that to all the bills for the funeral that the family will have to deal with. Therefore, you should apply in such a difficult time for experts who can help recover all the money spent.

In the case where the victim suffered before his death in connection with the post-accident injuries, heirs can also claim compensation from this particular title.

Only experienced and empathetic attorneys will be able to act in an appropriate way, to approach such difficult and demanding tasks such as obtaining compensation for the death of a loved one. Insito Claims takes care of this matter in a fully professional manner, acting at the same time quickly, so as to bring the whole process to a positive finale for our client. So do not wait and call us at 0208 940 0069, we will give you council free of charge.

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