Compensation for bodily injury resulting from falling down the stairs

Odszkodowanie za upadek ze schodów w UK - Insito

Compensations give us the opportunity to recover the costs incurred in case of an accident. Dangerous events can take place anywhere. Escalators, as well as traditional stairs, are everywhere in the UK: in shopping malls, offices, schools, at the entrances to the Underground or at train stations. Obviously, the condition and safety of these are the responsibility of specific institutions, owners of the chain of galleries, etc. Unfortunately, there are some shortcomings in the technical condition as well as negligence on the part of the cleaning staff, which leads to stumbles, slips and falls down the stairs.

A fall down the stairs can be very dangerous and entail a number of severe injuries, such as: injuries of the spine, ankle, head, face, arms, legs, etc. A person may suffer a concussion, or break a leg. All these injuries result in long-term medical treatment and inability to work, and thus reduce a person’s earnings and add to their expenses. Visits to doctors, medication, physical therapy, all these generate considerable costs.

Remember, when the accident on the stairs was not your fault, you have a chance to obtain compensation for all material losses as a consequence. You need to prove negligence, such as poorly protected stairs, wet floor, non-stable barrier, etc. Gather the witness testimonies, take a picture of the stairs, complete all medical documents, from which it is clear what injuries you have suffered. It will be useful to have bills for medical services and rehabilitation.

The law in England clearly states that the negligence on the part of the administration or the owner of the space where the accident occurred is subject to compensation. Therefore, as a victim, you should use the services of a reliable company, such as Insito Claims. Our experts are waiting for you, just call at 0208 940 0069 or fill in our application form on the website. We will carry out a free-of-charge consultation of your case. You should know that we have won a large number of cases and the compensations paid to our customers vary £7,000 to £23,000 for leg injuries, from £6,000 to £235,000 for injuries of the skull and brain. Each situation is individualized and at the same time we approach each of them honestly, trying to make the whole process go quickly and smoothly!

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