Compensation for perinatal complications

Childbirth, regardless of where it takes place, is a beautiful but stressful event, especially when abroad. A woman cannot always, due to various factors, feel comfortable, although doctors try to do their best in this regard. Pain, fear and anxiety all affect the childbirth. Nevertheless, the health of the mother is very important.

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Therefore, when it comes to dangerous complications influencing the health of the child and the mother, the responsibility lies with the doctors. When you have been improperly treated as an expectant mother, or if it happened to your friend or relative, remember that you are entitled to compensation for any harm, pain and suffering. Apply with Insito Claims, call 0208 940 0069 or fill in our application form. We promise quick contact from our consultants. We operate efficiently, on a No Win No Fee basis, so you do not risk any extra costs if the case is lost.

If you are not aware of what is regarded as complications at childbirth, these can be: late response regarding a C-section, unprofessional monitoring of the status of the mother and child, for ultrasound or CTG performed inappropriately, despite data on pregnancy, your doctor or midwife ignoring certain symptoms, if there was a C-section performed that resulted in internal bleeding of the mother or new born, if anaesthetics were not administered in a correct manner. There are many examples, because childbirth is a huge challenge it can turn into a traumatic experience even in England. There are tragic situations where, due to errors, the death of the mother or the new-born may occur. In this situation, the family is entitled to claim compensation for the damage suffered. Other consequences of unfortunate births are: hypoxia of a child – often leading to disability, broken collarbone or shoulder, urinary incontinence in women, uterine prolapse, damage to the uterus and perineal tearing of the birth canal. It all has considerable implications for the future life of the mother and child.

Remember that whenever childbirth, postnatal care of the mother and child are not in line with the standards that should ensure the smooth and healthy transition in this important stage, you are entitled to claim compensation. A responsible institution must always bear the consequences of negligence and intentional or unintentional mistakes. Professional and empathetic employees at Insito Claims, will deal with your case efficiently. It should be the first step!

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