Compensation for infection while in hospital in England

Contracting an infection at the hospital may be a reason to sue for damages. As a UK resident, you are entitled to expect medical help and feel safe under the supervision of doctors, nurses and all staff

Odszkodowanie za zakażenie podczas pobytu w szpitalu w UK - Insito

One can get to the hospital for various reasons. There can be scheduled treatments, childbirth or accidents. As a UK resident you are entitled to expect medical help and feel safe under the supervision of doctors, nurses and all staff. Unfortunately, as reported by statistics, up to 5-10% stay in hospital wards are infected with a number of diseases e.g. hepatitis B or C, tuberculosis or even HIV. We should be aware that any negligence regarding a hospital infection may become a reason to sue for damages. In this case, it is good to have the support of a company that has dealt with these types of situations for years and has vast experience in obtaining compensation in these cases. Thus, we are at your disposal. Insito Claims will help you without incurring additional costs, as we operate according to the principle No Win No Fee – if you do not win, you do not lose anything. Find out more by calling 0208 940 0069 or by filling in the contact form on our website. Afterwards, our consultant will get in touch with you as soon as possible. An estimate based on the evidence collected will show what the chances of winning and what the highest compensation amount that we can aim for is.

There are many factors which the court takes into account in the process of compensation for nosocomial infections. These are: abandonment procedures, prophylactic, mistakenly treated infection, late diagnosis, inflammation. As a victim, we need to be able to prove that it is in a hospital ward that the negligence occurred, thus significantly impairing our health. Often it comes to this type of situation due to haste, lack of experience, savings. But this does not justify them, and the persons or institutions have to take responsibility for the harm which they have done. Both you and your family should have the support of professionals. This is what you will get at Insito Claims, and from the beginning we will help you in the battle for the best conditions for compensation. We will do it smoothly, without unnecessary formalities, based on documents and facts that you deliver. We will tell you what is important and will estimate on the outset what your chances are to obtain the highest compensations.

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