Accidents at work

Immigrants abroad have been looking for many years for a better job and better living standards. they also bring their entire family to the UK. Lots of professional offers are waiting for skilled and experienced employees, but there are also much less complex job positions for students coming to England only for a few months.

An employer, regardless of whatever we do, is obliged to provide us with the best possible safety standards, is responsible for every employee. In a situation of an emergency, accident, etc., if you experience damage to the body, you have the right to claim compensation. You can learn about the amount of the compensation and a chance to obtain it by contacting the professional company Insito Claims.

Your employer, no matter what job you perform, must conform to safety rules and guarantee you, e.g.: protective clothing, helmet, properly functioning, non-defective equipment, mineral water in hot weather, meal breaks, and so on. All this has a substantial impact on the quality of your work and its impact on your health. Accidents happen in the UK almost every day, as everywhere in the world, due to negligence, haste and savings.

Sometimes these are very serious cases, when it comes to head injuries, burns, electrocution, breaking limbs, and so on. It disqualifies an employee for a long time from the performance of his/her duties, entails long medical treatment, costs, makes personal life difficult. In such a situation, when you are an employee injured in an accident, regardless of whether you're an immigrant or not, you are entitled to claim damages.

It is important that it was not you who is responsible for the situation, so you must be able to prove how the accident occurred and provide documents, witnesses of the events, photographs, that will prove that you are right. In such a case it is possible to obtain a high amount of compensation, which is influenced by: the size of the injuries incurred, any expenses, loss of earnings , etc. When contacting Insito Claims, you can be sure that your case will be important to us. We will take care of the process step by step quickly and efficiently. Just give us a call 0208 940 0069 , or complete the form. By acting in accordance with the principle of No Win No Fee will not charge additional costs. If you do not win, you will not pay anything.

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