Accidents in public places

In the UK, every public space should meet safety standards under the responsibility of the designated institutions, administrators and so on. Thus, all accidents that happen, for example, on the sidewalk, stairs, in public buildings, etc. can be a cause to apply for compensation.

If for some reason a public area was poorly protected, e.g. the pavement was not secured in winter and you broke your leg because of slipping, you have the most opportunity to fight for compensation for any losses incurred by this. Our company Insito Claims, has been operating in the UK for many years and has helped many victims to recover the highest amounts. In the case of foreigners, it is also important to make the owners of rented apartments responsible for safety standards. It is the owner of the property that should do his best to protect the tenant from injuries due to electric shock, falling off plaster, gas poisoning because of leakage and so on. In a shop, office, hotel, at a bus stop, in a library, park or school, we have the right to feel safe.

All poorly secured construction work, whether at heights or on the road, sidewalk pose a serious hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Appropriate marking and separation of the space is the responsibility of the units assigned to these activities. Unfortunately, also in large UK cities, various factors such as savings or work under time pressure lead to negligence.

You need to know that if an accident was not your fault, you have the inalienable right to compensation . Your task is to collect as much evidence as possible. It will be very useful to have pictures showing damaged parts of the sidewalk or road, documents from the hospital or from your GP, bills for medical treatment and rehabilitation . Also important is the fact of the lack of possibility to earn money, which is also an additional argument in the fight for compensation. After a free consultation with our employee we will assess the chances of winning the case, the length of the process and the amount of compensation that you may be entitled to. So, do not hesitate and call us at 0208 940 0069 or fill out our application form. It will be the first and very important step for you and your family. We are aware of the fact that you are probably afraid to apply for legal aid for financial reasons. We assure you that we operate according to the principles of No Win No Fee , which means that in case of failure you do not lose any extra money.

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